Our Services

  1. Conveyancing

    Whether you need help with buying or selling a house or flat, buying to let, a remortgage, a transfer of equity, a right to buy or shared ownership purchase, we can provide a professional service at a competitive cost.

    We are not a conveyer belt factory conveyancing operation but instead pride ourselves on providing a personal service using modern technology, but tailoring it to the needs and expectations of each individual client.

    We work together with other professionals such as your estate agent and mortgage advisor to ensure the transaction proceeds as efficiently as possible.

    Our aim is to make your move as trouble free as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials of moving your family and possessions.
  1. Landlord and Tenant

    Whether you are letting a property or moving in as a tenant, you need the right advice to protect your interests.

    As a tenant you need to know that you will be secure in your home or business premises. We can provide advice on your rights and your landlord’s legal obligations to you.

    As a landlord you need to know that you will receive the rent you are entitled to and that your property will be looked after. Should this not happen, we can also provide advice and assistance on the action you can take.
  1. Divorce

    Relationship breakdown is usually an emotional and stressful time for all parties involved. It is important that you get the right help and support when you need it most.

    We know that each marriage/civil partnership is unique and that problems arising out of each breakdown are also unique, bringing difficult, potentially complex decisions that can have far reaching effects for you and your children.

    We care about our clients and you can be sure of sensitive and balanced advice whilst guiding you through your post separation or divorce difficulties by negotiation, mediation or by Court proceedings.
  1. Family and Children

    Family breakup is distressing and finding the right outcome for you and your children is not always easy. It can be difficult to reach agreement when people are angry, hurt or confused.

    We aim to help you resolve family disputes and provide you with the best advice and, where necessary, representation to resolve issues regarding your children’s living arrangements and their contact with you or your former partner.
  1. Wills

    There are so many reasons to make a Wil. Young, old, ill, well, single, married, in a partnership, remarried, divorced, people with children, people without children should all make Wills. Remember, apart from taxes, death is the only certainty.

    If someone dies without leaving a Will, complicated legal rules may apply as to who receives the estate. The last person you want to benefit might benefit, so do not leave it to chance, make a Will.

    You may have prepared a Will many years ago. However, as a result of changes in your own personal family or financial circumstances, it may not reflect your current wishes. Changes in Inheritance Tax provisions may also mean you need to renew your Will.

    We can make sure that your assets are distributed the way that you want them to be and without leaving problems such as disputes and large unexpected tax burdens for family and friends.

    We offer a friendly, cost effective and expert Will writing service and will guide you through the process as quickly and as simply as possible.
  1. Probate

    Following a death our specialists can assist you sympathetically and professionally with all the practical aspects of dealing with an estate at what will be a very difficult time.

    We can offer a full service from completing Inheritance Tax forms, applying for probate and distributing the estate to a more specialist service tailor made for your requirements.

    We pride ourselves on providing sensitive, expert help to alleviate the burden often placed on personal representatives and we are highly experienced in acting as executors.